Import Office

Bulk imports enable you to import large amounts of data more quickly. Follow the below steps to Import Office Data.

Go to Admin ->> Organization ->>Bulk Import ->>Offices

Bulk Import - Office
Bulk Import - Office1
Bulk Import - Office - Template
Click on the download button to get the template to import the Offices.

Field Name & Description

  • Office Name(*) – Specify the name of Office
  • Parent Office(*) – Choose the Parent Office from the drop-down
  • Parent OfficeId(*) – It will automatically show the corresponding Parent OfficeId
  • Opened On Date(*) ( dd/mm/yyyy ) – Specify the Office Opened Date. It should be in the mentioned format
  • External ID – Specify the unique identifier of the office. (i.e, Office Id)
  • Mobile Number(*)Specify the office mobile number
  • Address Type(*) – Choose the address type from the drop-down
  • Street(*) – Specify the street name of the office
  • Address Line 1,2,3 – Specify the office address
  • City – Specify the city name where the office is located
  • Postal Code(*) –  Specify the office postal code. It should be the correct value
Bulk Import - Office - Data

Choose the updated template file and upload it. You will get a notification saying your file is imported successfully.

Bulk Import - Office - Dat Import

Once the file is uploaded click on the Refresh button and check the details in the manage office form.

Bulk Import - Office - List

Uploaded data is added in the Office List.