Import Users

Bulk imports enable you to import large amounts of data more quickly. Follow the below steps to Import Users Data.

Go to Admin ->> Organization ->> Bulk Import ->> Users.

Bulk Import - User

Select Office & Staff from the drop-down, if you want to map users below the specific staff. Otherwise, you can just select the Office Name.

Click on the download button to get the template to import the Users.

Bulk Import - User Template

In the template, you can see 4 different sheets. In the Users Sheet, you need to update the User details you want to Import. In the Staff Sheet, the system will show the selected Staff detail and Staff ID associated with the selected office. In the Offices sheet, the system displays the selected Office name and Office ID. In the Roles sheet, the system displays the available roles to choose for every user.

Bulk Import - User - Data

Field Name & Description

  • Office Name(*) –  Choose the office name from the drop-down in which you want to add the user details
  • Staff Name –  It will automatically show the Staff Name associated with the Office Name. You can select the Staff Name to which you want to tag the user
  • User Name(*) –Specify the User Name, that will be the same as the login name.
  • First Name(*) – Specify the First Name of the user
  • Last Name(*) – Specify the Last Name of the user
  • Email(*) – Specify the Email Id of the User. It should be a unique value, the system will not accept the same email for 2 different users 
  • Auto generate password(*) – Select the value from the drop-down, True denotes the password will be generated automatically and sent to the corresponding user’s email address. False denotes the system will ask you to enter your password.
  • Password(*) – Specify the Password and it should be the combination of alphabets, special characters, and numbers
  • Repeat Password(*) – Reenter the same password to confirm
  • Override password expiry policy(*) – You can choose either True or False, True denotes the password for this particular user will never expire. False denotes the system will ask the user to reset the password once the specified days are over (You can specify the days in Admin ->> System ->> Global Configurations ->> force-password-reset-days).
  •  Role Name(*) (Enter in consecutive cells horizontally) – Specify the Roles of the user in consecutive cells horizontally. The user can have multiple roles assigned to them
Bulk Import - User - Data Import
  • Once the file is uploaded click on the Refresh button and check the details in the Users form
Bulk Import - User - List

Uploaded data is added to the Users List.