Manage Data Table

In the Manage Data Tables User can add custom fields to a Client Profile, Loan Account, or Office, etc.,

For Example, If you want to add any additional fields you can add them here.

Add Data Table

Click on Create Data Table.

In the Data Table form update the Mandatory details.

Field Name and Description

  • Data Table Name (*) – Enter the Data Table Name
  • Application Table Name (*) – Select the value from the drop-down for which the new data table will work
  • Multi row – Select the checkbox if you want to add more than one entry
  • Add Columns – You can specify the column name you want to add and select the condition for the corresponding column(i.e, the column type is String, Number,  Decimal, Date, etc.,)
  • If you want to add the field click on + and Submit it
Create Data Table

Type and description

  • String Allows the values that contain string values ( e.g, Name, Address, etc.,)
  • Number – Allows the values that contain numbers ( e.g, Age)
  • Decimal – Allows the values that include decimal ( E.g, Interest rate, Income)
  • Date – Allows to enter the value contains Date format (E.g, Date)
  • Text – Allows the information about the person or business (E.g, Person Information)
  • Drop-Down –  Allows the user to select the data from a drop-down (E.g, Relationship, Gender, etc.,)

You can select the checkbox if you want the field to be mandatory.

Once you click on Submit it will show the preview of data where you can Edit or Delete the data.

Edit or Delete - Data Table
Manage Data Tables - Edit Data Table

In the Manage table data, you can see the Data Tables. You can edit or delete the data by clicking on the name.

Manage Data Table - List

Added Code and their value will be displayed in the Client form( As you selected earlier).

Manage Data Table - Added View

Click on Add button to update the details.

Manage Data Table - Entry

Once the information has been updated, click Submit.