Manage Client

Once the Client is created it will be displayed in the View Client form.
List of Clients

If you want to edit the client details, select the client name and click on Edit.

You can also add a photo of the client.

Client - Edit Data
Once the client is created you can Activate the status either in Create Client Form or View Client form.

Activation in Create Client Form

Click on the Active check box and select the Activation date.

Client Activation

Activation in View Client Form

Click on the Activate button and select the Activation date in the Activation form.
Activate Client
Client Activation Date

You can add the Family Members, Identity and Documents of a Client.

Add Charges

It specifies the charges can be added to the particular client.

Client - Add Charges
Client - Add Charges1

Menu Name and Description

  • Charges(*) – Choose the charge you want to include for the particular client. Charges can be added by clicking on Admin ->> Product ->> Charges ->> Create Charge
  • Amount(*) – Specify the amount to be charged for this client
  • Account Type – Specify the account type for this charge. i.e., Client, Loan etc.,
  • Account Number – Specify the account number of the client.
  • Charge Calculation and Charge time type – It will be automatically update as we specified during charge creation. 
  • Account Number – Specify the account number of the client.
  • Due for collection on(*) – Specify the due date for collection.

Once the details are updated, click Submit.

Add Family Members​

In this menu, you can add the Family Members Details.

Family Members Menu
Click on Add Family Member to add the details.
Client - Add Family Member

Once updated the Family Members detail click on Submit.

Now you can see the able to see the details under Family Members tab.

Client - Add Family Member1

Adding Identities

In this form, you can add the Identity details of a client.
Client Identifier

Field Name and Description

  • Document Type(*) – Choose the document type you want to upload from the list. For example Aadhar, PAN etc. For US, it’s SSN no. Click here to know – Add document type in Manage Code
  • Document Status(*) – Choose the document status Active/Inactive from the drop-down
  • Unique ID(*) – Specify the unique ID of the document you’ve selected. It will not accept duplicate values.
  • Description – Specify if any information about the document.
Once the details are updated, click Submit.


In Notes, you can add any additional information about the clients for your future reference.
You can add more notes by clicking the Add button.