Create User

           Users are the people who work for your organization and they will access this software to keep track of all the information about your Organization’s operations. You can Add, Delete, Modify and set a Restriction based on the roles assigned to them. Follow the below steps to create a User.

Go to Admin -> Users -> + Create User.
Create Use
Create Use

In the Create User form update the mandatory details.

Field Name and Description

  • Username (*) – Enter the User Name you are going to add. It should be a unique name and it won’t accept the duplicate value
  • First name (*) – Enter the First Name of User
  • Last Name (*) – Enter the Last Name of User
  • Email (*) – Enter the Email of the User. It should be a unique email id and it won’t accept the duplicate value
  • Auto generate Password – If you check this box,  the system will send an auto-generated password to the above given Email. If you uncheck the box it will allow you to provide the password manually.
  • Password (*) – Enter the password for this user. It should contain Alpha Numeric values.
  • Repeat Password (*) – Re-Enter the same password to confirm
  • Override password expiry policy? – By default the system will ask the user to reset the password once the specified days are over (You can specify the days in Admin ->> System ->> Global Configurations ->> force-password-reset-days). But If this checkbox is selected, the password for this particular user will never expire.
  • Office (*) – Select the office name from the drop-down to map the user
  • Staff (*) – Select the staff name from the drop-down to map for the particular user
  • Available Roles – Select the roles from the drop-down menu which you want to assign to this user
  • Selected Roles – Choose the roles from the list and click on >> to select the roles
Once all the details are update click on the Submit button
User Details

Once you Submit it will show you the User Preview like the screenshot shown below. You can edit or delete the user here. 

User Details - Edit or Delete

The user name that we just created can be found in the User List

To update or delete a user, click on the name

List of Users