Employees are the people who work for your company. There are various types of staff, each with its own set of Roles and Permissions.

Click on Create Employee and it will take you to the Create employee form.

Create Employee

Field Name and Description

  • Office (*) – Select the Head Office name
  • First Name (*) – Enter employee’s First Name
  • Last Name (*) – Enter employee’s Last Name
  • Is Loan Officer? –  Select the checkbox if you want to assign this employee as a Loan Officer
  • Mobile Number – Enter the mobile number of the employee. It should be a unique number and it won’t allow the same number for 2 different employees
  • Joined date (*) – Enter the joining date of the employee

Once the employee details are updated click on Submit.

Employee Entry

Once you submit the employee details, the system will show the preview. You can edit the employee details by clicking the Edit button.

Edit Employee Details

The employee name that we just created can be found in the Employee List. 

To Edit an employee’s detail, click on the name.

Import Employees

In the Manage Employees form you have an option to import the employee details. Click on the Import Employees button.

Import Employee

In the Employee Bulk Import form, select the Office name from the drop-down for which you are going to import the employee details.

Now click on download to get the template for importing the employee details.

Import Employee - Template

Now open the template and you can see two different sheets. In the Employee Sheet, you need to update the details. In Offices sheet it contains the list of office names that have already been created.

Field Name & Description

  • Office Name(*) – Select the office name from the drop-down in which you want to add the Employee details
  • First Name(*) – Specify the first name of your employee
  • Last Name(*) – Specify the last name of your employee
  • Is Loan Officer(*) – Select the value from the drop-down, True denotes the employee is a Loan Officer and False denotes the employee is not a loan officer
  • Mobile Number – Specify the mobile number of the employee. You can set the length of the mobile number in Admin >System>Configurations>mobile number length . Click on Edit and give the length
  • Joined On Date(*) ( dd/mm/yyyy ) – Specify the joining date of the employee and the Date Format should be in dd/mm/yy
  • External ID – Specify the unique identifier of the employee (i.e, Employee Number)
  • Is Active(*) – Select the value from the drop-down, True denotes the employee is Active, and False denotes the employee is Not Active
Employee Data

Choose the updated template file and upload it. You will get a notification saying your file is imported successfully.

Once the file is uploaded click on the Refresh button and check the details in the manage employees form.

Uploaded data is added to the Employee List.