Once the Loan Application is approved you will get all the details as below,
Create Loan - Reschedule
Click on Reschedule tab. It refers to reschedule the Installment amount which you need to pay.
Reschedule Installment

Menu Name and Description

  • Reschedule from Installment On (*) – Provide reschedule installment on date
  • Reason for Rescheduling (*) – Provide reason for rescheduling
  • Submitted On (*) – Select the date to submit the reschedule information
  • Comments – Specify any comments you want to refer to in future
  • Change Repayment Date – Installment Rescheduled to – Specify the installment rescheduled date
  • Introduce Mid-term grace periods 
    • Principal Grace Periods – Specify the grace period for principal
    • Interest Grace Periods – Specify the grace period for interest
  • Extend Repayment Period – Number of new Repayments – Specify the number of new repayment period once it is extended
  • Adjust interest rates for remainder of loan  – New Interest Rate – Specify the new interest rate for the remaining repayment period